Mike’s Books

Mike's first book tells a story about an intrepid bunch of reluctant sailors who are press-ganged into the journey of a lifetime. A voyage from Manchester to Benidorm would be a trip beyond the known geographical boundaries of travellers who had never been beyond Blackpool.
Blood fired with tales of adventure by Paddy, the only experienced traveller amongst them, as well as the unspoken threats of Paul, their mentor, they embark on a hazardous trip into the unknown, ill equipped in all departments, especially common sense and mental agility.
Their journey is hampered by a plethora of bureaucratic regulations and is further complicated by the skulduggery of smugglers, intent on using the naive Mancunians as couriers for mysterious contraband. Their progress is further dogged by the attention of deadly terrorists and incompetent robbers who are well past their worst.
Death and destruction is always within easy reach.
Can they all survive?

Mike's second book is a chaotic murder mystery set in a golf club and -
it's certainly not about golf.
Who could have foreseen the death and destruction that was to befall the quiet suburban golf club whose members usually considered the term ‘disaster’ as a downpour of rain that rendered the course unplayable for the day? The news that the subscriptions were to be increased started a sequence of events that redefined that term forever.
Two greedy committee members have cooked the books of their golf club, intending to rake off a substantial portion of the club profits. In addition, they are plotting to engineer the sale of the golf club and pocket a large bribe from two scheming developers who are intent on building a Golf and Country Club.
The distribution of cheap replica golf clubs and the discovery of a small cannabis farm appear to form the main motive for the first murder. The discovery of a second body in the same hole as the first one makes the incompetent police have to look further afield for the culprit.
How many more will be found before the hole is filled to capacity?

His third book is not a comedy, it's a murder mystery and it is touched by history.

Who was the stranger and why did he show the young boy where the diary was?
The diary was the key.
The whole mystery of that missing couple was solved by good old police work but if it hadn't been for the little diary, they would never have found out what engendered so much greed in so many people.
The Package from Berlin.
Heinrich Himmler was supposed to get it out of Germany in 1945 but a series of unforeseen events diverted the Package to Manchester, the chase for its contents leaving a trail of havoc in its wake.
A short story written by the boy some years later starts the ball rolling, leading the police and a man from MI5 ever closer to the answer.

Ireland is still struggling to free itself from the imperial yolk of Great Britain's rule and its population is still leaking to destinations offering a better life.
America is nearest and New York is taking record numbers from all over the world.
Two young farmers have relatives in there and have decided to make the move but they are separated on their arrival and find themselves entangled in violence and corruption that they were never warned about.
Survival becomes the target that looks to be the best that they can achieve