What's the site about?

The site is here to introduce a writer, Mike Sleater, who has been writing novels for some time now but he's finally found out that the writing bit is much easier than the promoting bit.

His work demonstrates his ability to cover a number of genres, although he prefers comedy.

Here he is seen being mobbed by fans as usual.

The fourth book is now available

The Curlew's call has just been released. On Kindle as well as Paperback.
So  now there are four books to choose from.
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On the road with Doris

A funny travel book that tells a story based on a trip that actually happened.
A cabin cruiser is taken to Spain on the back of a builder's lorry.

In a bit of a hole

Incompetent cops baffled. Investigation of multiple murders and ensuing mayhem is bungled, thwarted by the antics of four nosey old codgers and an alcoholic terrier.

Book cover for A Package from Berlin

A Package from Berlin

A mysterious package from the ruins of Berlin in 1945 never made it to Argentina.
Who was the stranger who showed the young boy where the diary was?
What happened to the missing couple and why did they run away?

OUT NOW - The Curlew's Call - In Paperback & Kindle

A sweeping saga following the fate of two young Irishmen, friends who have decided to emigrate to America during the turbulent times of fomenting revolution across the Emerald Isle. Their fate is set to follow very different paths, both find different solutions when confronted by the violence of the New York streets that has replaced the looming troubles back in their homeland.

Crooked politicians, Irish gangsters who run the unions as well as the streets of New York, Irish Republican Brotherhood revolutionaries seeking the help of rich Irish industrialists, all combine to make Rory O'Brien wish he had stayed on his West of Ireland farm.
The paths of the two youngsters cross from time to time but friendship is tested to the limit by the choices they make on their respective journeys.